The Concept

For the past decade, comedy clubs have flourished in large cities across the country. On any given night, fans can enjoy both household names and future stars as they rocket toward national recognition. Unfortunately, smaller cities (i.e. those with populations under 400,000) often lack the infrastructure to showcase talent of this caliber.

The United Colors of Comedy Tour is designed to bring premium quality standup comedy to the “Heartland of America.” Four nationally touring comedians will be chosen from comedy scenes all across the country and then sent off to perform approximately 60 shows in PACs, small theaters, and college campuses — focusing on small areas with large appetites for comedy.

In our increasingly divisive political climate, we strongly believe that comedy can bring people together. It unites people of all races, creeds, and backgrounds in a way that other forms of entertainment can’t. Join us as we bring America together, one laugh at a time.

Tour Details

  • Shows: 60 shows in 90 days
  • Venues: Performing Art Centers (PACs) and college campuses across the country Host a Show →
  • Performers: 4 headlining comedians + 1 local talent as the opening act
  • Show Length: 2.5 hours
  • Ticket Price: $12
  • In-Show Promotional Materials: Branded stage backdrop, beverages sold in branded cups, t-shirts sold with sponsors' logos Become a Tour Sponsor →

The Comics

We will travel the country and assemble four of the nation’s finest young comics, each with unique styles, backgrounds, and perspectives. All regularly headline comedy clubs across the cuntry.

Selene Luna

Selene Luna

A trail-blazing little person in the entertainment world, Selene Luna (pronounced, s uh – l EH – n eh), at 3’10″, is a small package with very big presence. A veteran of the stage and screen, Selene cut her teeth performing in clubs and art venues and quickly became a darling of Hollywood’s underground scene. An original member of the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, Luna toured internationally and was a featured dancer in the undisputed Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese’s burlesque spectacular for five years.

Mike James

Nashville, TN

Mike James is an in-demand comic. He performs around the country as a corporate entertainer and can also be found on stage in some of the most prominent comedy clubs. Mike uses his improvisation skills and his life experience as a husband, father and generally very confused man to relate to his audience in a hilarious montage of miscommunication and everyday observations.

Neel Nanda

Neel Nanda

Starting comedy in Atlanta, GA and now based in Los Angeles, Neel Nanda has performed all over the country with some of comedies’ biggest acts. Neel has most recently performed stand up on ABC's JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE & has acted and performed on COMEDY CENTRAL's ADAM DEVINE'S HOUSE PARTY. He has also appeared on MTV and on IFC's GARKUNKEL AND OATES SHOW. Neel has also performed stand up comedy on HULU's COMING TO THE STAGE, Oxygen's FUNNY GIRLS & on several episodes of the series FLOPHOUSE for VICELAND directed by Lance Bangs.

Jenn Snyder

At 5’2, comedian Jenn Snyder packs a whole lot of funny in her one-two punch style of comedy. Topics ranging from her days growing up as a lesbian in a “good ol’ boy” town, to her dealing with the public on a daily basis, this comedian will pull you in with her stories and leave you wanting more with her quick wit and hilarious observations. Born and raised in Columbia South Carolina her ultimate goal is to unite all people through laughter.

Sammy Obeid

Sammy Obeid

Lebanese-Palestinian-Syrian-Italian-American, born in Oakland, California, Sammy Obeid (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) is best known for his 1,001 day streak of consecutive comedy performances. It began on December 26th, 2010, and concluded on September 21st, 2013– four days after an appearance on TBS’s Conan. Breaking the old world record on Day 731, Sammy set the new one at 1,001 Arabian Nights of Comedy.

Aaron Weber

Aaron Weber

Nashville, TN

Aaron is a standup comic born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. After barely graduating from Notre Dame in 2014, Aaron moved to Nashville and started doing standup. Since then, he's become a regular at Zanies Comedy Club and has performed in venues/clubs all over the Southeast. In 2017, Aaron competed in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta and helped break the Guinness World Record for Longest stand-up comedy show.

Questions about any of our comedians? Contact us today!

Sample Tour Schedule

Here’s an example of what a 4-week stretch of the tour will look like, once all of the venues are booked. We’ve listed the populations to each city and its county, so you have an idea of the kind of exposure our sponsors will be getting.

Week 1

  • 2/8 - College (TBA)
  • 2/9 - College (TBA)
  • 2/10 - Crescent City, CA Population: 3,500
    Del Norte County: 25,000
  • 2/11 - Eureka, CA Population: 24,800
    Humboldt County: 115,000
  • 2/12 - Ashland, OR Population: 47,000
    Del Norte County: 143,000

Week 2

  • 2/15 - College (TBA)
  • 2/16 - College (TBA)
  • 2/17 - Yuba City, CA Population: 24,600
    Sutter County: 62,000
  • 2/18 - Modesto, CA Population: 42,000
    Merced County: 173,000
  • 2/19 - Los Bantos, CA Population: 22,000
    Merced County: 173,000

Week 3

  • 2/22 - College (TBA)
  • 2/23 - College (TBA)
  • 2/24 - Hollister, CA Population: 26,000
    San Benito County: 47,000
  • 2/25 - Visalia, CA Population: 71,000
    Tulare County: 302,000
  • 2/26 - Bakersfield, CA Population: 161,000
    Kern County: 520,000

Week 4

  • 2/29 - College (TBA)
  • 3/1 - College (TBA)
  • 3/2 - Kingman, AZ Population: 21,000
    Mojave County: 80,000
  • 3/3 - Barstow, CA Population: 22,000
    San Bernardino County: 1,300,000
  • 3/4 - Lancaster, CA Population: 120,000
    LA County: 1,200,000

Total Population Sample Tour Schedule

  • Cities 584,900
  • Counties 4,140,000

Total Population Entire 90-day Tour (Estimate)

  • Cities 1,462,250
  • Counties 10,764,000

Become a Tour Sponsor

The United Colors of Comedy Tour is actively seeking both corporate and product sponsors! Your company will enjoy a high level of exposure in numerous mid-sized markets throughout the life of the tour. Learn more about our various sponsorship packages below:

Key Sponsorship

  • Reach over 10,000,000 potential customers
  • Your company or product name will be included in all media advertising
  • Cost is just $500 per show
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Secondary Sponsorship

  • Reach over 10,000,000 potential customers
  • Your company or product name will be part of all media advertising as a sponsor "in part" or "brought to you in party by"
  • Your company name or logo will appear on all tour t-shirts
  • Cost is just $1,000 per show
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Primary Sponsorship

  • Reach over 10,000,000 potential customers
  • Your company or product name will receive top billing on all media advertising
  • Your company can set up a promotional booth at each show
  • Your company name or logo will appear on all tour t-shirts
  • Cost is just $2,500 per show
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Sole Sponsorship

  • Reach over 10,000,000 potential customers
  • Your company or product name will be the ONLY product mentioned in ALL media advertising and would head the tour name (e.g. Monster presents The United Colors of Comedy)
  • Your company can set up a promotional booth at each show
  • Your company name or logo will appear on all tour t-shirts
  • Cost is just $5,000 per show
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Note: the fee for corporate sponsorship is a function of the following expenses: promotional advertising, comedian’s fees, venue rental, transportation/lodgins, promotional materials, tour labor, public relations, and other miscellaneous items (insurance, meals, fuel, petty cash). Each of our sponsorship plans can be tailored to fit your company’s individual needs. For more information, drop us a line today.

Benefits of a Tour Sponsorship

The United Colors of Comedy Tour will utilize a variety of advertising mediums to promote each individual show. Our team of marketing experts will ensure that your brand is accurately and effectively introduced to a number of previously untapped markets. Here are just some of the tools and methods we’ll be using:

Social Media Advertising

Facebook events for each show will include a detailed description outlining each tour sponsor. Multiple ad campaigns (promoted posts, boosted events) will target locals in the relevant demographics.

Print/Display Advertising

1-2 local billboards will be used to promote each show along with posters and flyers displayed in various local businesses. We’ll also purchase 8 newspaper insertions (2/week x 4 weeks).

Radio Advertising

A total of 100 radio spots (25/week x 4 weeks) will be purchased for each show. Each ad will explicitly reference the tour sponsors.

Branded Tour Merchandise

Sponsor names and logos will be featured on all ticket facings, beverage cups, and tour t-shirts. Stage and venue banners will be displayed for each show.

Host a Show

If you own or operate an entertainment venue in one of our target markets, we’d love to hear from. Here’s a brief breakdown of what we’re looking for in our venues:

Venue Requirements

Your venue must accommodate a minimum of 500 people


City/Market Requirements



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